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2021-2022 Staff

Welcome to our new EA Megan Lisitza

Mr. Kevin Gibson:  Principal: Born in Drumheller, raised in Calgary, moved to Wetaskiwin for my first teaching contract.  I have taught for a lot of years in the Wetaskiwin area.  Besides the joys of school I have three, all grown up, wonderful children, a beautiful, caring partner and a rambunctious, lovable dog fill my life.  I am a football coach at Wetaskiwin Comp (a lot of years as well:)

ECS teacher - Mrs. Colleen Holtby (kindergarten is half-time; learning support and reading intervention is half time) : I am Pipestone’s kindergarten and reading intervention teacher for grades 1-3. I have been teaching for 19 years minus 3 maternity leaves. This will be my fourth year in Kindergarten and I absolutely love it! I am married with 3 wonderful children ages 16,13, and 9. I live near Mulhurst Bay on an acreage and in my spare time I love to read, go kayaking on the lake, run, play with my pups, and cheer on my kids in their various sports. 

Grade 1/2 Combined teacher - Mrs. Leonora Benson : I am the grade 1/2 teacher at Pipestone School. My post-secondary education was attained through the University of Alberta where I received a Bachelor of Physical Education degree as well as my Education degree. I have been teaching at Pipestone School for over 16 years now. I reside in Edmonton with my husband Kevin and have 2 sons, Cole and Tyler. In my spare time I love to read, exercise, hike and watch hockey. I look forward to another rewarding year working with your children here at Pipestone School. 

Grade 3/4 Combined teacher - Mrs. Angela Handbury 

Grade 5/6 Combined teacher - Mrs. Anjuli Phillips (Please see below for the More Information link by Mrs. Phillips's picture) 

Education Assistant -Mrs. Corei Schmidt: I am an E.A at Pipestone School. I am mainly in the 1-2 classroom as well as in the 3-4 classroom every day. I am looking forward to the 2020/2021 school year!

Education Assistant - Miss Megan Lisitza

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Renee Harris (Please see below for the More Information link by Mrs. Harris's picture) 

Custodian - Mrs. Monica Huber (Please see below for the More Information link by Mrs. Huber's picture)

Family School Liaison - Mrs. Alicia Cardinal

Mental Health Capacity Building - Mrs. Natalie Peek



Photo of Kevin Gibson

Mr. Kevin Gibson


Phone: 780-387-4395

Photo of Renee Harris

Mrs. Renee Harris

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-387-4395


Photo of Colleen Holtby

Mrs. Colleen Holtby

ECS Teacher - Inclusion Coach

Phone: 780-387-4395

Photo of Leonora Benson

Mrs. Leonora Benson

Gr.1/2 Teacher

Phone: 780-387-4395

Photo of Anjuli Phillips

Mrs. Anjuli Phillips

Gr. 5/6 Teacher

Phone: 780-387-4395

Photo of Angela Handbury

Mrs. Angela Handbury

Grade 3/4 Teacher

Phone: 780-387-4395

Photo of Donna Mantai

Mrs. Donna Mantai

Learning Loss Teacher

Phone: 780-387-4395

Educational Assistants

Photo of Corei Schmidt

Mrs. Corei Schmidt


Phone: 780-387-4395

Photo of Megan Lisitza

Miss Megan Lisitza

Educational Assistant

Phone: 780-387-4395

Photo of Amanda Johnson

Mrs. Amanda Johnson


Phone: 780-387-4395

placeholder image for Miriam Day

Miss Miriam Day


Phone: 780-387-4395


Photo of Monica Huber

Mrs. Monica Huber


Phone: 780-387-4395

Family School Liaison Worker

placeholder image for Alicia Cardinal

Mrs. Alicia Cardinal


Phone: 780-387-4395

Mental Health Capacity Building

Photo of Natalie Peek

Mrs. Natalie Peek


Phone: 780-387-4395