Substitute Teachers Handbook

Substitute Teachers Handbook And Other Substitute Staff Information

We are a rural school that some people need extra help to find.  We are located about 300 meters east of the intersection of highway 616 and 795. Please call the school 780-387-4395 for directions. 

For substitute teachers - You need to arrive at about 8:05 for morning (half day) or full day duties so that you can be properly prepared for your instruction.  Students arrive at Pipestone School at 8:23 and are dismissed at 3:40.  For half day (afternoon) duties you will need to arrive at noon to prepare for the 12:25 beginning of our afternoon of instruction.  Come prepared for outdoor supervision.   Bring a lunch, as there are no convenience stores or fast service restaurants nearby.

For substitute Educational Assistants, you should arrive at  8:15 to be be prepared for your half day (morning) or full day duties.  Please arrive at 12:15 for half day (afternoon duties).


Click here to access the Substitute Teacher's Handbook.  If you have questions well in advance of your duties, please call the school at 780-387-4395.  

Individuals requesting to be on the WRPS substitute list can access the School Division's substitute teaching requirements here