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Pink Shirt Day

Congratulations to Lachlan and Marley!

At Pipestone School we have the best for students and staff when it comes to getting along.  All year long we emphasize friendship, respect and kindness.  However, we still have some conflict and hands off problems so we make sure to have ways to support learning and growing using social skills.  One such event was led this week by our Wellness Worker, Mrs. Gougoulas, in conjunction with Pink Shirt Day.  She distributed Pink Shirt "Kindness Bingo" sheets to all students and encouraged the completion of some of the squares on the sheet, like "Compliment five different people".  After a week, students could return their sheet to Mrs. Gougoulas to be eligible for a prize draw.  On Fri Feb 25, Mrs. Gougoulas drew from the many entries and the pink touque prize winners were Lachlan and Marley.

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