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Positive Cases at Pipestone School

  • We have had three positive COVID cases communicated to us by parents.  Parents of students in specific classrooms or on specific buses who were exposed were sent a letter on Nov 4 and/or 5 regarding this situation. 
  • Moving forward to deal with this situation:
    • Reminding students and staff of the importance of hand hygiene, breathing etiquette,
    • Reminding about the AHS directions to maintain physical distancing and co-horting where possible for our students and staff,
    • Reminding about AHS direction for mask use and storage (mandatory on the bus for all students, mandatory for grade 4-6 and recommended for Kindergarten-grade 3). 
    • Directing people to AHS 811 with their inquiries
    • As much as possible, doing outside learning and active living while students are at school
    • We thank all students and staff, and especially our custodian Mrs. Huber, for cleaning and disinfecting our school as per AHS and WRPS protocols. 
    • Making sure that students and staff are not at school, or sent home promptly if they have signs and symptoms of COVID illness. 
    • Reminding parents and staff that they must use the daily checklist every day.  
    • Getting advise and direction from AHS and WRPS
    • Careful monitoring of any visitors to our school
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